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Properties of Stitie Machine.

Stitie Machine is Computer Program with Mathematical and Artistic properties. (See Shapes & Forms).

It's about solving riddle. Let's look at it like this:

If we arrange computers (or objects, nodes in graph) in computer memory (or in internet) into 3D Space, connect them as in Stitie Machine (See Stitie Machine post for Stitie Cube illustration), then we can solve problem of delivering information into one or more destinations (points in 3D space, or nodes in graph) optimally.

Using Mathematical Apparatus we can check how securely and how quick information flows from point A to point(s) B,C.... in space. We can know how securely and how quick Lotus transmits information (check properties of Lotus Transmission). And we can (Mindfully) Visualize it to see.

What about Art? It's a way to express... we can model Forms that will appear in computer memory (or in the Internet), give them a go (let them work). Then we can (Mindfully) Image them to display (in any form, including Visual Image, Sound, Combination of such, and so on...) to perceive how such forms appear in computer memory.

Imagine Airplane, covered with network of tiny computers. Such distributed machine would not only automatically detect and visualize failures in network (we know which nodes do not respond), but also lend it's computing power to solving important problems as they arise.

Psychologists might also try to decipher what people think about symbols (for example 3D Forms) in computer memory (that can appear on computer screen).

Stitie Machine can also execute code at each (or any) point in such network.

See also: How to map The Internet in 3D model.


  1. I wrote this post, because not only computers and information technology matters.

  2. Symbolics is important part of Art.

    More on symbols: empiricmadness.blogspot.com

    Forms are symbols.