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def. Subalgorithm is Algorithmic Step written in more details.

It can be used in Algorithm or Subalgorithm (it is also Algorithm).


Telepathic Telephone (TTP).

i am sure, that if i had telephone with directional brain wave reader, i could program it, analyze waves and so on...

it can be used to control computer thus any machine. it can even hack.

it can be used to survey The Internet, to be more alert (like Dragonfly).

i think most challenging aspect is training operator of such phone. we do not want to unconsciously hack our rival. thus operator must control his own thoughts.

Buddhism is key to this.

Subconscious hack is also very bad. See 'Forbidden Planet' film.


Prism and MATEN.

You can use Prism to break form and split color, to make new form.

Then from this form you can transit to another form, perhaps in more optimal way.

It's polyformic programming combined with polymorphic programming.


Not a Language War.

Different languages make sense.

They serve different purposes and allow different problems be solved at different cost (or even at all).


State Prism.

How to split Color (State)?

Follow algorithmic steps:

1. Englarge Stitie Space(s) to desired size.
2. Connect them properly (if neccessary).
3. For each pixel in original Space(s),
4.   Split Color(s) in node (pixel) and spread them in new Space(s).

This is it.


How to free node when surrounded by enemy-controlled nodes?

Use Sphere Cone attack.. attack everyone in sphere and attack more strongly selected target (with cone).

It can be used to pass information through guarded node.


How to map The Internet in 3D model.

Stitie Space (3D space with Stitie Machines, see Stitie Machine 'Sunsail' implementation for details) can be of any size if memory allows.

You can use such space to map subnet.

Then you can recurrentially add higher level networks using Stitie Space where each Stitie Machine represents or points to another lower level Stitie Space (map them in higher level Stitie Spaces).

If Stitie Spaces have same size, we can use words inner and outer Stitie Spaces (instead of mapping we join them next to each other, with outer Stitie Space containing inner).


Why invest into algorithms?

Algorithm (means of solving problem) efficiency is measured by function.

If we develop Better algorithm, costs of solving problems drop. Is it better than buying more computers? Yes and no.

With better algorithms, benefits of adding more computers scale faster.


Receipt for beautiful code.

What is receipt for beautiful code?

Focus and simplifying and fixing errors.

It does not mean that it should be all in one class (it needs to be model of reality).