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def. Subalgorithm is Algorithmic Step written in more details.

It can be used in Algorithm or Subalgorithm (it is also Algorithm).


  1. For example Diamond Crow might be Subalgorithm of Dragonfly Algorithm.

    Computer program is algorithm written in programming language. (language understood by computer).

    There's difference between improper algorithm and program that does not compile.

    Improger algorithm can be written as program and can compile and run and work without errors (but only in theory, at some level of abstraction... for after all programming errors are fixed, there are redesign requests). implementation is writing algorithm in programming language so it can compile and run.

    it grows more complex and painful with more details so it's over for now.

    every blog post is subalgorithm on it's own and can be developed independently. even by different people. i share with work.

    comments and critics are welcome as thank you.

  2. programmer who shares like this should be designer.