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Automated, Strategic Internet Defenses and Computer Games.

Hacking tools (programs) should act in coordinated, strategic way, and allow for human intervention, there should be Graphic User Interface (GUI) for them, but not without people maitaining and patching it, or making maneuvers from console.

GUI can be used to play scenarios that can be saved for analysis, or in some cases for direct action (carefully).

Hackers should learn strategy. Even if internet combat scenarios are often abstract, real, historic warfare is important part of such.

This does not mean one should rely only on computer games for strategy, they offer very narrow sight.

Computer games are a way of practicing some ideas, but hackers should NOT overdo it.

Personally, i do not want to buy computer games forever, i have other expenses. I hate ads for this reason. I think players should be rewarded for playing games, instead of paying for them. But microtrasactions are nice, they allow to fund prizes and give support.

While computer game as hacking network GUI might sound like great idea, let's not forget about all these people who suicided because of computer games. It's worst if real money is involved in games, bets and dirty tricks.

(coordinated hacking scenarios are riddles to solve. they are so abstract that only in scifi/fantasy games they might make sense, and it's doable)

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