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Dragonfly & Windshield.

Dragonflies are very alert, they can be used as observers.

I called remote packet sniffer 'Dragonfly'.

'Windshield' protects from the Wind, it can protect 'Dragonflies' too.

I called partly automated hacking tools 'Windshield' under which many things (and beings) can seek 'Shelter' and be more secure in the Internet if they wish.

There can be 'defensive' (installed by user, with agreement with hacker) and 'offensive' (installed by hacker) versions of 'Dragonfly'. But let's not overdo counterattacks and preemptive attacks. It's illegal.

I can imagine that 'offensive' version of 'Dragonfly' can have uses in Military, Police, and such. For antiterror.

Feel free to contact me (neomahakala108@gmail.com) for defensive version if you have problems with hackers that i can help You to solve. It's not ready yet, but it will be. For me it's precious opportunity to practice hacking and counterhacking this way. And You will see what i do, if You have defensive version. I do not wish to hack without agreement with user, i'll do it only if i have to protect someone.

Users will be able to turn defensive 'Dragonflies' on and off as they need (there will be cryptographic key needed. i'll design hardware key for final product). But hacker's support time will depend on agreement.

I won't send software via the Internet (it's insecure and pointless this way). It can be sent on usb pendrive via traditional mail, or (if user is very wary of postal service and couriers) picked up personally at agreed place and time.

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