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Shapes, Forms, 108 Number & Strategic Botnet.

108 number has many nice mathematical properties. they can be used to draw shapes & forms for troop formations (i think). See also: reforming shapes.

Botnet (hacking network) using 108 units (hackers or machines) can maneuver very well, transitioning from form to form, each with unique properties (security of each of nodes and of all of them, speed of the information flow, security of information flow).

I call this form of 108 object graph nodes shortly: 'Form108'. It can give botnet strategy advantage.

See also: Stitie Machine, and its implementations: Core 1.0 and Sunsail 1.1 .

For now this computational model uses Java Virtual Machine, but it won't be that forever. My goal is to make processor model, and whole computer system that can lease its resources (mostly for computing precisely Mathematical Data), but it can switch to 'hacking mode' if need arises, allocating resources as neccesary. (For example 5% for defenses, 95% for mathematical computations and other paid services. Or in worst case, 100% for defenses).

For her, Buddhist Woman i Love.

but also,

For Anti-Terror.

(I wish for this to be Buddhist Project, but i respect other religions except for those who support Terror, Rape and such. I live in Poland but it should be International.)

See also: Hacking, Imagination and 3D Visualization, Formation of sixty, eighty four, Factorization Tree, Factoring Numbers.

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  1. Hackers can be treated as node too if they are equipped with internet devices.