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Assault and Attack definitions.

def. in Military terms: the stage of close combat in an attack.

on strategic map, it's final stage before opponents engage.

def. assault range is range from which attack can be made. for example: 'Capturing object is in 2-hop distance assault range'.

def. 2-hop distance attack is attack made from range of 2 hops.

def. Attack on distance is entering optimal distance for engagement.

def. Attack on tempo is engaging at optimal moment.

def. Attack on Form is attacking with optimal Form. for example: 'Attack on Form succesful. We have optimal Form advantage. Currently we are winning.'. Please note that Form consists of Form(s). Existence of Empty Form is for now confirmed, but perhaps this might change later after i think.

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(thank You for all who support this post, in fact i didn't expect it. i'll probably code core - wars like game to test such ideas and attacks).

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