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Object Tracker.

Object Tracker.

Stitie Space can be filled with evenly distributed, unmoving Object Trackers.

Such Trackers are objects responsible for tracking and distributing coordinates of other moving objects.

Expansion Process.

In case of Object Tracker malfunctioning or space being expanded, any object can be sent in it's place, then with proper state and strategy it can transform into Object Tracker. Or state and strategy can be overwritten.

Moving Object Short Range Communication.

Moving Objects communicate with each other by sending directional signals, to coordinates... if they are moving quick, such signal can target few coordinates. Such objects can communicate with each other (as long as they are near the same Object Tracker) as well as with Object Tracker near which it is.

Moving Object Long Range Communication.

Long range communication passess through two or more Object Trackers, which can communicate with each other and Moving Objects that are in their range.

Moving Objects can wait at tracker for long range transmission.

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