Stitie Machine 1.2 'Satellite'.

Stitie Machine 1.2.1 Alpha 0-0-18 'Satellite' implementation is available.

(RC stands for: 'Release Candidate', Alpha means 'feature incomplete', Beta means 'feature complete, to be tested').

ideas to be included:
- Stitie Machine's Communication Shortcuts,
- Code's Elements' Visualization & Kabbalah,
- Stite Machine movement, Peer-2-Peer Network Communications & Stitie Space services for Client Objects,
- Atomic & concurrently isolated 'put multiple values into state' & 'lock state for thread(s)' functionalities; it's useful in many possible cases, for example when 'running Strategy as a thread' for keeping critical sections atomic & concurrently accessible - so process' 'instruction pointer' can move in 3D over object's graph in a visuospatial way without deadlock in case of moving in a graph's cycle or with a Recursion.


Stitie Machine movement is included in the code already (in a SitieSpaceImpl class, as it should be) - just need to properly care for concurrency, and update router's coordinates if it's not done (automatically or not) already - need to check.

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