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Stitie Virtual OS.

If we divide Stitie Space into Cubes (small or large, perhaps made of cubes as well) for each of running kernel and implement (as objects collaborates that fit in such Cubes):

- VM core,
- OS kernels,
- transmitters (for messages transmission between VM core and OS kernels, and between OS kernels and processes that run around such),

then we have architectural backbone for Stitie Virtual Operating System.

We can compose such collaborates or cubes into objects and arrange them into Stitie Space, each of such objects being a Virtual Machine on it's own that can run software and communicate with each other.

Ola AH programming language perhaps could support programming (to a certain degree), design and configuration of such VMs as well.

(TODO: paint a 3D diagram example).

See also: Stitie Virtual Machine & Ola AH language.

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