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MATEN Mathematics.

Stitie Machine.

def. Stitie Machine SM is a value from a Set SMS. Each SM belonging to set SMS consists of: a state, a strategy and a router.

SM = { state, strategy, router }.

State = data, from any Set.

Strategy = function, can operate on State, transform it to another or the same State and/or have side effects.

Router = function that lets Stitie Machine's State and Strategy reach into other Stitie Machines, and be executed there.

Three-dimensional Stitie Space.

def. Three-dimensional Stitie Space is an ordered set of size3 Stitie Machines, arranged in three dimensions.

StitieSpace = SMS x SMS x SMS.

Three-dimensional MATEN function.

def. Three-dimensional MATEN function transforms Three-dimensional Stitie Space into a Three-dimensional Stitie Space.

MATEN: StitieSpace -> StitieSpace.


  1. state can be represented by a function, that assigns values from an integer set, to a set of 'objects'.

    state: int -> 'object' .

    word 'object' is used here in a free-form way... anything can be an 'object'.

  2. is Enlightenment an 'object'?
    perhaps it is.

    what to do with such 'object'?
    i don't know.

  3. in theory, objects represents ideas, therefore they are symbols.

  4. many compilers use symbol table even.

    compilers are tools for translating from one language to another language, theoretically for example: source code in java to assembler code