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Hacking firepower and operatibility.

In context of hacking:

def. firepower depends on amount of units and quality of software used to perform tasks.

def. operatibility depends on amount of tools (rootkits, ddos projectors, threat sensors such as dragonfly, etc.). it's called firepower diversification or tool diversification.

def. strategic operatibility also depends on amount of formations at our disposal, which also is determined by amount of units at our disposal, which after reaching certain critical amount of units enable for more formations. that way we gain formation operatibility which is part of strategic operatibility.

def. diversified front is front (battlefield) consisting of many fronts. battlefield consists of many factors... for example: electronic-strategic front is such diversified front consiting of strategic battle and electronic battles mixed together.

def. weapon of scale (heavy weapon) is expensive large weapon such as large computer consisting of many expensive parts. it is often 'escorted' by mixing it with lighter versions of such. there can be heavier and lighter weapons, it's relative. where's the border between units then? wherever we put such. different units can be also under different commands.

example: heavy-diversified front can consist of heavy weapons mixed strategically (in proper formation, perhaps more) with light weapons. preferred weapon for this front would be a battery of computers (cluster), which can be armed against light threats, heavy threats or mixed threats.

example: heavy computing unit (cluster) is treated as single unit. it might consists of many units on a different scale. firepower is still of 1 unit, but it is different front (heavy front), which gives operational (operatibility) advantage. we can say that on this front one such unit can defeat 108 units of given type, because of it's operatibility. we can call it fireforce.


  1. - abstractly, 'operatibility' is: 'amount of tools',
    - abstractly, 'operatibility of our forces' is: 'amount of tools at our disposal',
    - etc ...,

    i think so at least, perhaps i am not wrong.

  2. (EN) 'operatibility' = (PL) 'operacyjność',
    (EN) 'firepower' = (PL) 'siła rażenia'.

    at least in certain context(s), i think ...