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Stitie Space as Device's 'nervous system'.

Stitie Space when externalized in form of tiny computers communicating with directional rays (lasers for example) can serve as 'nervous system' for devices.

it's dangerous when misused, but isn't metal also? after all carbines are made from such.


  1. Communication technologies can be mixed.

    GPS or similar technology can be added for tiny computer cubes, to make them aware of their geographical locations.

    Wireless broadcast can be used to inform other cubes about current location, when signal is lost, then directional communication rays can be designed to be moving and aiming accurately at communicating devices.

    Such a system can be 'overheard' during wireless broadcast and device location phases, but not so easily after this.

  2. Another use case:

    Room space should be pretty and artistically arranged, instead of mess of cables and wires. wireless communication is good but signal spreads in space and can be 'overheard'. small computer boxes on walls and ceiling communicating with laser lights at least would be pretty and secure.

    When 'Ola AH' goes live, if it's deployed commercially, then there will be artistically looking forms in space. used for example for communication and coordination of computer system and devices controlled by such. like directional laser lights between tiny computers forming an animating graph. little star wars show in intelligent building perhaps?

    Such a system can include alarm, that raises when communication line is obstructed.

    Laser can be combined with radio, for invisible / visible modes on demand.

    I'd name it: 'Radiolaser communication/coordination/warning system'.