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About 'format string' attacks.

There are many types of programming errors.

They are used to write 'shellcodes', programs (or program parts) that attack erroneous programs to gain 'root' or 'superuser' privileges by a hacker, to 'take over' attacked machine, for example.

Buffer Overflow errors are well known, and there are many ways of protecting against exploiting such, i read.

But there are also other types of exploitable errors.

There's the powerful hack attack called 'format string', tied to a 'bad' use of string formatting functions.

There's no way to fully protect against this type errors, that's why they are considered among most dangerous.

(i'll have to check if it's true and works).

Source: [5].


Intrusion Detection Systems, Portsentry.


IDS is acronym for 'Intrusion Detection System'.

IDS's can be compared to computer alarm systems.


Portsentry is not large a program, which task is monitoring open and used ports in our system.

it can detect unauthorized transmission of packets on suspicious, normally not used for communication a port and notify admin.

it can also just after detecting suspicious activity cause block in transmission that could happen next if not blocked.

Source: [5].


Compile-time vs Runtime of a Program.

When programmers talk about something that program 'knows' during compile time, they mean the data available before program is actually ran. During program compilation (translation from source code to operating-system-dependent machine code, in this case), parts of a computer program's behavior is known and determined, more or less.

Opposed to this is a 'runtime' of a program - it happens when (and after) program is executed. The remaining data is given to program perhaps, and it decides of it's behaviour in details, determines it, more or less. Program's behaviour also depends on computer hardware, other programs, operating system, even laws of physics, weather, and so on...

 photo c_exercise_zpsc56ff7ac.gif

Computer Laboratory: a little 'C' exercise.

C is very well known and popular professional programming language.

Such experiments as above, tell programmer about properties of a programming language and computer system's qualities. They are not formal proofs, just experiments that give approximate results, but not always work the same way.


Kacper Cluster.

Cluster that is part of Dragonfly Algorithm Technology has been codenamed 'Kacper'.

'Kacper' is a Polish name, which translates to English as a 'Casper'.

Kacper Cluster it is.

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