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Basic Data Structures.

Data can be stored in a primitive variable or in a data structure, more or less complex.

Each of data structures has operations associated with it.

For example, a stack has two operations: push, pop.

- push: puts something (data in some form) on top of a stack.
- pop: retrieves something (data in some form) from top of a stack, removing in process.

Basic data structures include:

* Array,
* List,
* Set,
* Graph,
* Tree,
* Map,
* Queue,
* Stack.

There are varying implementations to each of above data structures, each with different qualities & costs.

Proper choice of data structure & algorithm is often a first step in finding a nice solution to a problem that can be solved by a computer program.

For details, see: [4], [19], perhaps more.

See also: Sorting.

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