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Quantum Physics Energy Engine.

i think that Stitie Space can serve as a framework for modelling Energy Particle Interactions, perhaps more.

i think that Energy Particle, such as Photon for example, is an Object that has position in Space, and other Physical Properties.

i read that from a certain perspective, particle of light, a photon, has a size, about half a fermi: 0.5·10-15m, 'since you start to feel it pushing back against you if you go to close', which happens at about that size.

Thus we can Model, Compute & Analyze Waves of Such Energy Particles as well, i think.

Stitie Machine scales well, so we can have plenty of Computing Power & Resources if needed, even now... much more in few years, i think.

Ambitious plan would be to create the Simple Quantum Physics Engine, which involves Deeper Knowledge of Physics, perhaps a little of Mathematics as well.

i think this can have use in Device Drivers for the Three-Dimensional Multi-Wavelength Energy Projectors, if there are or would be such in future. Or perhaps even N-Dimensional.

See also: [28], [29], Stitie Machine 1.1 'Sunsail' for Stitie Space, Laws of Thermodynamics, Energy interactions on Quantum Level, Energy & Light; Fields & Waves.

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