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Reductional Fighting.

i think but am no expert of Abstract Strategy on a Diversified Front that includes the Internet Front + the Strategic Front...

When full operatibility is reached at a certain scale.

Scale would be size/mass of an unit, not neccessarily an armoring.

For example (scale 4, with forces ratio 6:1):

- 1 units of scale 4;
- 6 units of scale 3;
- 36 units of scale 2;
- 216 units of scale 1;

it's called a full operatibility of 4 scales.


It's weak point is lack of reserves, which can be supplied by an allied force.

Otherwise, scale 1 can be attacked to reduce full operatibility of 4-scale formation.


i think that in such a case, we should fight with full force, except for highest scale we have (scale 4 in this case).

In case of a gap in scales (for example, lack in scale of 2 in this case, higher scale forces should retreat as well).


in other words: heavy units of the scale should not fight without escort, mechanical or not.

so, for example, i think that Supercomputers should not fight without escort of smaller scale internet devices, for example desktop computers connected to it's Local Area Network.

nothing like a light counter with surveillance and Police involvement... should deter longer, recurring attacks quite efficiently... and still very useful in a Real fight, i think.

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