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'Ola AH' Programming Language.

'Ola AH' Programming Language will be a new way of programming computers, a tool to give certain companies advantage over competition, has it's reasons detailed in the following article.

It's intended to be both practical & esoteric, optionally visuospatial language.

'Ola AH' Programming Language is targeted to Quantum Computer Architectures with the multi-core support of Advanced RISC Machines - it's designed for ARM / Quantum Architectures, but most likely a compiler for classic PCs' will be made anyway as well.

This is summary of 'Ola AH' characteristics:

O means Wisdom, no matter what ignorants say.
LA means 'Highest'.

AH is the Mantra for Speech.
AH is also: 'Anti-Hack'.

'Ola' is also a name of a Buddhist Woman i Love, in a way at least... for she's student of Lama Ole Nydahl, i think ...

Does 'Ole' mean 'Highest Wisdom in Male Form' ?

- Object Oriented.
- High-Level / Low-Level.
- Nicely Concurrent (inspiration: Java Locks, Conditions & 'synchronized' critical sections, Abstracted Petri Nets & a 'Token Game', perhaps will be used. Linda is realized in a form of Stitie Space as well. Linda is defined as 'tuple space', according to my partial Uni MIMUW education.). Nicety is about resources lease & sharing, such as processor cycles ... we run on lower priority (as with 'nice' linux command) & save resources for others within our time constraints as far as our nicety priority allows. then we can claim back in times of need. it's a form of a processor cycle loans. it should be a part of 'Ola AH' Programming Language Semantics. 'Ola AH' Nice Concurrency can be managed using extra 'leader machine' with a Stitie Space.
- Semantics (meaning) & Syntax under development still.
- Initial version's semantics should include Stitie Machine 1.2 'Satellite' & Stitie Space; later Stitie Space's versions probably will be added to future versions of 'Ola AH' Programming Language,
- There should be easy mode & harder modes, including 'Anti-Hack' mode, which should enable low-level programming mechanisms with a 'different grammar' & a 'different instructions set' and/or lower security mechanisms to let them be customized by an Expert Programmer.
- With the 'Console Debugger' functionality - programs will be possible to be executed in the 'debugger' mode, that is controlled with interactive console; instructions can be dynamically added, inserted, removed, examined, modified during the runtime; with 'breakpoints' & 'forwarding' functionalities, 'stacktraces' & 'instruction lists' examination as well ... perhaps more in future as well; 'console debugger' will be configurable (with instructions) before the program's run, then program during execution will be modifiable as well (with interpreter instructions commands).
- With the 'Console Profiler' functionality - complete logging, statistics & configurable reports of methods execution time, as well as reports of how many times a certain method was called during program's run; as an extension of method time logging etc ... there should be analysis of code blocks defined by 'profiler <label> start' & 'profiler <label> end' points; memory use profiling should be considered as well; perhaps other resources use (in abstract form?) as well.
- With time 'Ola AH' Programming Language should be more Mathematical, Physical, Artful, Psychological etc.
- With time 'Ola AH' programs should be compiled to executable files, even if at first 'Ola AH' should be Interpreted Language only.
- Perhaps it'll be 4GL.
- Perhaps it'll be AI-augmented in future (Artificial Intelligence can aid in application creation, modification, debugging & refinement, and after an app is done - in it's administration, configuration & management as well).

Inspiring Languages:

- Pascal,
- Ansi C,
- Assembler,
- Java,
- Smalltalk,
- Ada,
- Google Go,
- perhaps Haskell as well,
- perhaps POV-Ray as well.

a rough estimate of time to complete the first 'Ola AH' compiler would be: 15 - 20 years. this might change.

a rough estimate of time to complete the first 'Ola AH' interpreter in Java is by 1.1.2022. if time allows, it will also compile 'Ola AH' code to the Java bytecode.

Main 'use cases' for 'Ola AH' Programming Language are mentioned in: 'Ola AH', Niche Language,

With 'Ola AH', every high-level instruction or standard library method, will be modelled & documented properly. There will be an object model of a running program that can be inspected with reflection & debugging. There will be 'asm insert' operation modelled as well. The 'asm insert' will contain a collection of assembler instructions, inspectable as well. Instructions object model, instructions semantics, instructions syntax - will all be a part of language's official documentation.

See also, if You wish: Object Address Space, What is a Function?, Conditional Instruction & Expressions, Simple compiler design, Type, State, Context, Object & Class, Paradigms & Programming Languages, Tuple Data Type & Syntax, Tuple, Set, Entity, Object, State, When Ola AH will be Practical ?, 'Ada', 'Linda' & 'Ola AH', Programming Languages, Agile Transformation of Information State, Modelling Speech Forms, 'Ola AH' Programming Language for Nanotech ?, 'Ola AH' Programming Language Randezvous System, Petri Nets, Petri Nets & Randezvous Concurrency, an Idiom, 'Ola AH' Security Semantics & Syntax, 'Ola AH' & Functional LightPoint Objects Forming, 'Ola AH' Programming Language & Quantum Computing, Stitie Space, Form & Emptiness, Esoteric Programming Languages, Funges & Ola AH Programming Language, Memory, Cache, Processor Use & 'Ola AH' Programming Language.

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