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OOA Domains.

'Domain knowledge' is knowledge needed to write software that is not neccesarily the Computer Sciences-related.

Object Oriented Analysis & Design is a useful tool for understanding, transforming & modelling the Domain Knowledge, in order to create Software Design & Implementation.

Domain Knowledge is far more important than OOA tools, however, in my opinion at least.

OOA tools make it more efficient to obtain the Domain Knowledges, but on their own are not very practical.

in Object Oriented Analysis, a domain is:

def. A domain is a separate real, hypothetical, or abstract world inhabited by a distinct set of objects that behave according to rules and policies characteristic of the domain.


my intuition would be that a domain is a 'world' with its ideas (forms).

i've also learned that, like in Mathematics, domain is a set, finite or infinite, with rules that determine which objects are in domain, and which are not.


examples of such domains with objects, or worlds with ideas:

1. Railroad Management.
- train,
- schedule,
- freight car.

2. Screen Management.
- window,
- scroll bar.

3. Process Input/Output.
- sensor,
- actuator,
- ADC,
- binary input field.

4. Operating System.
- task,
- message,
- mailbox,
- event flag.

together they are part of Software to support Railroad Management.

Source: [34]. See also, if You wish: Object Oriented Analysis, Design & Modelling.

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