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Current State of Stitie Processor Idea.

As for now it looks like:

- cubes containing objects connected as in stitie cube,
- on hardware level, 'infrastructure hardware & code' packed in between cubes,
- external memory available, single memory array that can act as a Stack if neccessary,
- each of objects can reference external memory, 'as they please'.

this is CPU + Memory extension.

perhaps will provide image as an example, a little later if i can.


Secure Terminal Device.

One of ideas that appeared in Mind was to create Secure Communication Terminal Device with Dedicated Software, with 3D Graphics.

Dragonfly Algorithm tech's focus is 3D Graphics & Security & the Internet.

To succeed in designing such Device, need to involve Physics, Electronics, probably more.

At least at basic level - to be able to talk efficiently with Experts.

As far as timing goes for this project, aiming for when there are cheap multi-core processors on market (about 4096 cores) & when 1 TB of RAM is available & cheap. Will need persistent memory, touch-screen display & USB as well. Network interface might be internal or external (USB-connected). This project might delay and happen after when these preconditions are met.

See also: Stitie Machine 1.1 'Sunsail'.


Modern & cheap RD9700 USB Network Interface.

Useful when built-in Network Interface breaks or fails for example.


Algorithmic Overscalability.

Overscalability is quality of a parallel algorithm to scale speed faster than we add processors, when compared to best known sequential algorithm.

For example: when conditions are met (when data list is numerous enough) sorting nets can sort data much faster than classic sequential algorithms and meet requirements of overscalability.

Sorting nets can sort data in time of O(log2 n) using n processors.

Classic sequential algorithms can sort data in time of O(n · log n).


Sorting Nets.

Sorting Net sorts a sequence of comparable elements in a time of O(log2 n), where n is number of elements in that sequence.

Sorting Net can be a Parallel Tool & Algorithm that requires n processing units to be effective - a pair of processing units can form a comparator.

There can be more effective solutions as well, for example processing unit with many programmable comparators at it's disposal. Programmable with a 'compare' operation.

Sorting Net Construction Algorithm.
Sorter is Sorting Net, this is recurrential construction.

Sorting Net Construction with expanded recursion, for n = 8.

Sorting Net example, for n = 8.

See also: Merger.

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