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Secure Terminal Device.

One of ideas that appeared in Mind was to create Secure Communication Terminal Device with Dedicated Software, with 3D Graphics.

Dragonfly Algorithm tech's focus is 3D Graphics & Security & the Internet.

To succeed in designing such Device, need to involve Physics, Electronics, probably more.

At least at basic level - to be able to talk efficiently with Experts.

As far as timing goes for this project, aiming for when there are cheap multi-core processors on market (about 4096 cores) & when 1 TB of RAM is available & cheap. Will need persistent memory, touch-screen display & USB as well. Network interface might be internal or external (USB-connected). This project might delay and happen after when these preconditions are met.

See also: Stitie Machine 1.1 'Sunsail'.


Modern & cheap RD9700 USB Network Interface.

Useful when built-in Network Interface breaks or fails for example.

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