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'Ola AH' as a 4GL Programming Language.

- what is 4GL Programming Language?
- i think that 4GL (Fourth Generation Language) is programming language that allows for faster software development than 3GL (Thrid Generation Language).

- can 'Ola AH' be 4GL class of Programming Languages?
- i think yes, due to Stitie Space, a part of 'Ola AH' semantics. it's a data structure in which an objects graph filled with code - a program - can be modelled & run.

- are there additional costs of using 4GL?
- i am not sure if programs written in 4GL (or at least programs written in 'Ola AH') are slower ('Ola AH' is not created yet, but i have ideas & imagination). i think it will take user a while to get used to new tools, perhaps more.

- how such faster development can be realized?
- with better syntax, graphical/textual - with modelling objects graph & filling parts with code, that together will create a running program model, with proper GUI (Graphical User Interface). GUI should include 3D overview of object graph within Stitie Space, as well as overview of 'synapses' - connections between objects in graph. Customizable object labels - with titles & comments, with option of turning off or on selected labels as well - should be part of GUI as well. GUI should provide overview of objects & synapses animation during program's runtime, 'state colors' & perhaps other state information, perhaps more. GUI should include graphical-textual profiler, debugger, graphical unit & integration tests support as well - a step into internally-coherent, practical & unified solution for all of the iterative-software-construction stages.

- why it's faster?
- less code writing, less mouse clicks, more focus on thinking, mindfulness & focus during code construction, better program overview, perhaps more.

- should graphical/textual syntax unambiguously translate to 'text-only syntax'?
- definitely yes, i think. to elegant text even.


what else is there to consider?

- perhaps in future, when computing resources allow for that, systems can be modelled on a pixel-by-pixel basis, then parts or even whole filled with code.

- perhaps class diagrams & other software design models will be possible to create in 'Ola AH' Programming Language's toolset - these should be easy to map on the software during the design & development software construction stages, along with their names & version number. this should unify tools for analysis, design & programming into one internally-coherent solution.

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