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802.11 Wireless Network Types.

Wireless Fidelity.

'Wi-Fi' is a short for 'Wireless Fidelity'.

'Wi-Fi' is the Standards Set for building Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs).

'Wi-Fi' allows for wireless communication between devices, without the tangle of the cables.

WLAN modes.

1. Ad-Hoc mode.

- no need for the infrastructure nodes, every network node is equal in passing the information,
- not as fast as it can be.

2. Managed (also known as 'Infrastructure' mode).

- there are Access Points (APs) through which devices communicate,
- similar to star topology,
- there are situations when few Access Points are needed along the way between devices. if 'walls' block wireless signal, APs can form 'a bridge' between these devices.

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