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Multi-Front Warfare & Axioms.

there are many fronts.

for example:
- tactics front,
- computing front,
- physics front.

how to face multi-front threat properly?

i am not expert but i think.

1. investigate axioms of each front.
2. create model that includes this all, show interactions & connections.
3. simplify & abstract.

axioms in this context are theoretical basics for thinking, assumptions & logic, laws governing the fronts.

once we have simplified abstract model of a multi-front, we usually label it with name, for example: physics-computing-tactics front.

we call laws governing this front axiomatics of physics-computing-tactics front.

quantum computing & tactics front is something different from physics-computing-tactics front.

we call product of abstract simplified model a 'tactics apparatus' for a given front (multifront is also a front, different from it's subfronts).

we can then dev tools & deploy if we must.


  1. (EN) Multifront Axioms. = (PL) Aksjomaty Wielofrontu.

  2. (EN) after we have abstract & simplified model we can look at it with a fresh head, see risks & set strategic goals - what we wish to achieve on this multifront. then we can dev tools & deploy.

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