What is Nanotechnology?

it is design, creation & use of materials with at least one dimension measured in units of 1 nanometer.

Sciences Involved.

At least it is:
- Physics,
- Chemistry,
- Biology,

Other sciences can have uses, for example:
- Computer Sciences,
- Networking,
- more for sure,


When at least one dimension is within bounds of: <1 nm, 100 nm> it is between the distance typical for single atoms (1 nm = 10-9 m) & the size of distances found in a solid matter (100 nm = 10-7 m).

The diameter of an atom ranges from about 0.1 nm to about 0.5 nm.

Within such bounds material can have qualities that differ significiantly from those of the single atoms & of the typical crystals.

Thanks to nanotechnology, materials with qualities not found before can be created.


There are many, for example:
- Nanoelectromechanics (there can be nanoengines that can differ from microengines & larger for efficiency; there are also works on electric, magnetic & optic properties on nanoscale).
- probably more,

(to be corrected & elaborated when i can).

See also, if You wish: NEMS.

Source: [46], [49], perhaps more.


  1. (EN) solid matter = (PL) ciało stałe.

  2. (EN) perhaps biology can't be skipped, even with NEMS ... (PL) być może biologii nie da się ominąć, nawet z NEMS-ami ...