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Programming Language(s) Lessons?

- will there be ever basics of programming & programming language lessons as a part of Dragonfly Algorithm blog?
- i don't know. i don't know if i can give such a lessons ... plus there are better people at Uni who are giving these lessons truly properly, i think.

giving Programming Language Lessons can help with 'Ola AH' Programming Language Devvin' & it's success ... i think.

there will be elements of these languages in 'Ola AH' as well, probably, i think.

'Java Professionally' should focus on Programming Language's parts & Object Oriented Paradigm's parts only.

'Enterprise Solutions for Java' should add libraries & other enterprise tools as maven2, JUnit/EasyMock, Spring, Hibernate, SVN, ...

perhaps hacking blog will appear later as well, or will be part of deviantART only.

Blogs that i've started:

* Java Professionally.


Cassandra ... Ola ... Alexandra ...

Cassandra (Greek: Κασσάνδρα, pronounced [kas̚sándra͜a], also Κασάνδρα), also known as Alexandra or Kassandra, was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy.

A common version of her story is that Apollo gave her the power of prophecy in order to seduce her, but when she refused, he spit into her mouth cursing her to never be believed.

... Cassandra ... is her curse still present ... in a way at least ? ...

... what is a Java Set ... a Collection perhaps ? ...

... is Matrix a collection of bits, units of information? a structure of data, a form or formation ? ...

... Monochrome or Not ... what is 'a smallest unit' ?

... unit military of information warfare parts ? ...

... is Java related with Coffee, to Terrorism as well ? not only perhaps? ...

... is Set related with Snakes, Egypt & Lies, ... ? ...

... are Oracles Faster than Information? ...

... is it a curse to know too much, more than it's considered sane ? ...

... does people believe those who are too far in that way ? ...

... where's Sun Microsystems? are they tech part of Java & Oracle, not only biz? ...

... is Sun Tzu, Master Sun, Teacher of Art of War, Chinese General, a Battlefield ? ...

see also, if You know what are doing ... or are willing to risk ... is insanity incoming? : Cassandra on Wikipedia, Oracle.


... are Science(s) worthwhile?

- is it worth to learn?
- probably not.

- is school paper better than 'true' ... 'knowledge' or 'skill'?
- often it is.

- is art any better?
- perhaps it is, part of them at that.

- is it worth to die for art?
- perhaps it's worth.

- why sciences are not worthwhile?
- no one wants to buy.

- does competition attack?
- possibly yes. too much of 'knowledge & skill' is perhaps rude, irresponsible, endangering 'sane standards' of 'truly certified people', at least in our eyes ...

- does this progress annoy both 'friends' & 'enemies',
- probably yes.

- is too much of science insane & alien?
- perhaps psychiatry as well.

- can true skill be proven?
- perhaps it can ...

- do people want to consider?
- probably not.

- what are experiences about business?
- just proven cheaps ... no place for 'true ambitions', it only costs ... better to not be aware of worker's 'true skill' ... use for 'cheap solutions', annoying to the extreme ...

- can they be creative in work?
- probably on their own cost, when no one pays them at all ... perhaps they won't sell anyway ... will be attacked nevertheless ...

- do scientists earn stellarly?
- probably in food ...

- what they have instead?
- it's only 'time loss' & 'stress' ...

- are they respected?
- probably not, in style they lack ...

- can find love at all?
- perhaps they can ...

- will they survive without someone?
- certainly not.


... is Data Dangerous?

... does mere looking at this stupidity endangers people ?

... causing social reactions, insanity perhaps, wasting their lives & sanity, probably ... ?

... should it be guarded, if only as a law-court evidence ?

... is data loss a security risk ?

... of what type, if at all ?

... perhaps not only 'law court' & 'intelligence operations', ... ?

... is data constantly being updated ?

... how current is or can be ?

... should we pay attention to time & other factors, as well ?

... do people fight for 'truth' by updating data as time flies?


... is Data Important?

... does anyone buy data or technology?

... is data important?

... will this question be answered directly?

... when?

... am i important enough to live?

... should i live?

... perhaps data is enough, for it can be sold to others perhaps ... ?

... is personnel only a competition for 'betters', better to get rid of anyway?

see also, if You wish or need, etc ... : [[- LINGERING DATA by VoxelCore.


are blogs 'skillful means' ?

i think they can be considered 'skillfull means', perhaps.

is it better to write application from scratch?

perhaps it is, perhaps not ...

blogs at least are professional tools that save time, are maintained by people, perhaps ...

security patches, updates, more functionality, data guarding ...

without content, information, data, they are worth shit however ...

do we want to be consumers of hardware-software infrastructure & services associated ?

do we want to be sellers of data, content?

do we want to work in a team, each doing their own thing & sharing with the rest as is 'proper'?

... who is responsible for benefits as money, or other rewards for example ...

... who is responsible for shit associated as reaction of opposition or security faults?