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'Ada', 'Linda' & 'Ola AH', Programming Languages.

there are many of female names in Computer Sciences, most notably: Ada, Linda, Ola.

is there competition?

of course, i think it's friendly competition however.

different languages are different tools ... each of tools has different qualities, is better at certain tasks, worse at others.

just like different drills are for different purposes.

professionals will use many similar tools, programming languages can 'interoperate', which can be understood as 'working together to solve different issues with different tools'.


a while ago i've browsed the Internet resources (web pages etc.) for information about 'Ada Programming Language'. i've found more or less useful web page with some data. there was mention about eating hot-dogs there among other more technological things.

then on LinkedIn i've involved myself in professional Ada Programming Language Group & got link to: http://university.adacore.com/ .

As i know from anecdote i heard in Warsaw University (MIM UW) during a Lecture, Ada is the Military Programming Language for U.S. & NATO, perhaps more, since many years, at least officially, since it won proper contest.

i think Armies use other languages as well, more or less skillfully.

many of them more or less closely interoperate with Ada.

Ada Lovelace, related with Lord Byron is considered first programmer in the world (not the way people think - computers as we know today happened later), mathematical assistance for a famous scientist, i do not remember whom.

Portrait of Ada Lovelace by Scotty-Hoag on DeviantArt

(will remove this art from blog, if author prefers).


Linda is a 'Tuple Space', has uses in Concurrency, important part of Computer Sciences.

i've learned how to use Linda at MIM UW, it's nice experience, a lot can be done with Linda.

Ola AH:

'Ola AH' is a Programming Language i am trying to create.

it's properties are to be determined, basicly i am trying to support as many people as i can with this Language.

there are slated dates however, later it'll be harder to add any of features.

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