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'Events' in Programming, Conditionality.

'event' occurs when something happens in space,

for example when part(s) of state change a value to a value belonging to certain set.

in response to 'event occurance' parts of code might be executed, do something, possibly causing certain conditions to cease it's hold & new conditions to arise, to hold.

before this is possible, parts of code must 'register' for being informed about event's occurance.

event notification(s) might be a cause for something to happen, or for condition(s) to arise, or for something to cease happening.

that's why conditionality is often joined with event-based programming.

Conditionality & Events are part of Stitie Space 1.1 'Sunsail', are methods for Agile Transformation of Information State.

See also, if You wish: Conditional Software Tiering, Causes & Conditions.


  1. (EN) with sensors as antennaes, cameras, microphones, network cards & proper software, events might arise in response to something happening in space outside compuer memory even ... as state change might be tied/bound to something happening outside computer's memory.

  2. (EN) other sensors, for example : thermic, etc ... can also be connected to computer of course. might help to inform fire security of a city, for example.