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MATEN, then Prism(s), an Idiom.

... this seems useful a tool for many of situations,

... one of 'Ola AH' Programming Language's Idioms perhaps ?


to use MATEN to set-up a 'Generic, Bare, Minimalistic, Simplified ... a Form' in a Space, without paying too much of attention to finer of the details.

then use zero, one or many of Prism method call(s) to set-up these details,

... to 'enrich' a Form.


MATEN needs NOT to be used only once at program's beginning (initialization).

perhaps when a certain 'state' is reached, one of many possible MATEN calls can be executed as well.

Prism call(s) then may follow or not.


there can be 'MATEN Forms' that by design & definition have list of
'Prism Transformations', that can be modified dynamically during program's a run.

there's need to mention that these 'MATEN Forms' have to also contain lists of
'coords arguments' for these 'Prism Transformations'. these should also be able to be modified dynamically, during program's a run.

with a Global Lock this can be easy & useful.

there can be optional security mechanism(s) associated with changing state of a 'MATEN Form', so we can ensure that no one without proper permissions changes a 'MATEN Form' in a time between adding it to space & invocation order execution.

'MATEN Maneuvers', parts of 'MATEN Form' can 'look' at a 'Certificate' passed to them, to know who (which 'Certificate Authority') is responsible for that a 'Certificate'. Depending on that knowledge they can execute or not, or execute different way when that 'MATEN Form' is invoked.


see also, if You wish: Agile Transformation of Information State.

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