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Part of Hardware Shot Away, Rest Works Somehow Still ...

... perhaps it's possible to do,

... with 3D (Cubic) Processors, that are added like 'building blocks', scaling well with amount & mass ...

... perhaps performance loss is quite proportional to % of 'computing mass' being shot away ...

... each of these '3D Processors' would contain a little of memory, a little of CPU, would handle a single 'Stitie Machine' ...

... there should be also some space in between 'cubes', for 'hardware & software infrastructure', for coordinating these 'cubes',

... as arranging them into 'Space' requires extra code at least.

see also, if You wish or need: Stitie Space as Hardware.


  1. ... 'computational mass' is measured in kilograms perhaps,

    ... if 'kilograms' then also 'liters' perhaps?

    ... 'memory leaks' measured in liters per second? ;)

  2. how to destroy such a computer?

    perhaps by melting metal in large enough area?

    mere explosion won't work, because of scattered scraps of computational mass possibly communicating wirelessly? (with network cards packed in-between n-cube-blocks).

  3. EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) should work as well, i think ...

    ... i am not an expert, however ...

  4. had insight ... it's called 'Supernova EMP' ... air-ground missle perhaps ?

    two-front attack is stronger usually ... perhaps in this case it's just better miss-fault-tolerance with extra effect for hitting really accurately?

    considered 'counters':
    - EMP shielding over area, perhaps?
    - missle's anti-guidance.

  5. ideas to consider:
    - http://dragonfly-algorithm.blogspot.com/2014/07/conditional-software-tiering.html , (possibly software can turn off, turn on, reset, tier up to allowed - available - level depending on 'shape' of 'cube' more or less ideal),
    - http://dragonfly-algorithm.blogspot.com/2014/05/kacper-cluster.html ,
    - 'Supernova EMP Grenades', Carbines with Grenade Launchers.