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'AH' mode of 'Ola AH' Programming Language.

AH stands for 'AH' Mantra for speech.

AH also stands for 'Anti-Hack' mode of 'Ola AH' Programming Language.

i think that both 'interpreter' as well as 'compiler' of 'Ola AH' should consist of a Set of 'interfaces', managed by 'manager', not sure in which language(s) for now.

given certain parameters, either compiler or interpreter, can load 'replacement(s)' for existing modules, as long as these replacement(s) are coded to a proper interface(s).

using language that way would require proper declarations in code, as well as security measures that prevent code modification as it stays in repository, as well as security for compilation, or running in an interpreter.

it's a form of 'Idiomatic' <-> 'Hacky' slider ...

depending on a position of that slider more or less of a 'compiler' or an 'interpreter' modules can be replaced.

... how far You can go into hacky mode depends on permissions, digital certificates, code owner's decisions.

there can be also many sliders, or a hierarchy-tree of sliders, many being a precondition for other slider.


'AH mode' is also about a 'different instructions set', more instructions, low-level programming for experts, perhaps tiered as well.


see also if You wish or need, ... : Agile Transformation of Information State.

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