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Parallel & Distributed Systems, Stitie Space.

- what's the difference between 'Parallel' & 'Distributed' Systems?
- 'Parallel Systems' share processor & memory, while 'Distributed Systems' do not. 'Distributed Systems' are built from 'Units' that contain Processor(s) & Memory.

- is Stitie Space a 'Parallel' or 'Distributed' System?
- it can function as 'Parallel System' that manages 'Distributed Systems'. Each of these systems can be anything including a 'Parallel System' that manages more 'Distributed Systems' recurrentially.

- why it was created?
- because of 'Cubic Totality of Love'.

Source: [12].

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  1. (EN) Parallel System = (PL) System Równoległy.
    (EN) Distributed System = (PL) System Rozproszony.

  2. (EN) Cubic Totality of Love = (PL) Kubańska Miłość Totalna. Duża Kostka czyli Kocha.