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Repository & Teamwork.

'software repository' is a software that keeps programmers' work in many versions in a single place.

'software repository' allows multiple users to 'download' code to their computers, work simultaneously, then upload, commit changes - so rest of the team can access updates, changes, corrections.

it's both an 'archive' as well as 'team management tool', perhaps more ...


'Ola AH' Programming Language should have 'custom software infrastructure', including 'custom repository' for certain security reasons.

there's '4GL IDE', 4th Generation Language Integrated Development Environment, planned perhaps as well.


i am not sure if i'll have enough of time to do all the work alone, during 30 years i have planned for Dragonfly Algorithm's work.

i'll just do as much as i can, alone or not.

if/when people will join 'the project', we'll think how to distribute & coordinate our work.


  1. (EN) repository = (PL) repozytorium.
    (EN) software repository = (PL) repozytorium oprogramowania.

  2. (EN) there's many of 'repository products', including:
    - Subversion (SVN) that i know best,
    - CVS,
    - Mercurial,
    - Git,
    - perhaps more ...