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Stitie Grid.

(article still under construction, it's a scrapbook to be edited & corrected for usability & style).

Grid computing is the collection of computer resources from multiple locations to reach a common goal.

Grid computing differs from cluster computing with that grid computers can have different nodes performing different task(s).

code files of an experiment with Stitie Machine/Space & Grid Computing are available (both client & server - in grid package's comments it's written which files are needed where):

these files allow for code transfer between machines, with execution at target machine.

(a resource folder, 'classdump folder' has to be added to classpath for this to work).

just wrote 'EndpointServer' class, a service that can receive & run a 'LightPoint', or in other words (State, Strategy) pair, an object equivalent.

multiple files can be transferred via network, if neccessary.

'EndpointServer' has a 'router' in a 'Sunsail' component available via getter method, so it can communicate with nearby machines without a neccessity of engaging 'Coordinator' with a 'Stitie Space' model of network. for this to work though, need use 'Sunsail Awareness' code part of a 'Sunsail' & 'Endpoint Server'.

after a little more of work, we can experiment with a 'Stitie Grid' idea.

see also, if You wish or need ... : Stitie Machine (Maszyna Stanikowa Wysockiego), Stitie Machine 1.1 'Sunsail'.

-= Server & Client. =-

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