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Marketing Tricks.

does a birthdate, TAROT, Magic(k)s, Zodiac, ... have a marketing impact when promoting a product ?

i think they do, as significiant group of society uses this a kind of services.

therefore, i'll try to advertise Dragonfly Algorithm's products as Magical Software Artifacts, or something along these lines.

there can be a mention about Magic being Awakened, for Buddha means Awakened (from delusions & other distractions, i think).

with all respect to target groups, i belong to them as well ... as a Virtual Adept on Milarepa's Way, in a way at least.

i think ad's message should be subtle, the subtler Art & Magic, the better ...

... something along lines of 'Magical Moments with a Family & Entertainment'.

... click on image above to enlarge it.

... for more, feel free to look: Lucky Numbers, Karma, ... & Date of Birth.

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