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AES S-Box & an Encryption Key.

... is S-Box content of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) considered a part of Encryption Key?

i think it should be, not sure how law approaches this, however.

... this part of encryption key might be responsible for completion part of an Ecryption Algorithm, a private part of Encryption Algorithm.

public part of Encryption Algorithm is public key, private part should be considered a part of the key ... contributing to maximum of allowed encryption key bits.

... that's how i see this for now.

... this allows for AES extensions, for example - for optimizing encryption for certain conditions.

i think law allows for different key lengths for certain conditions, but i am not sure.

perhaps there's more to consider as well.


  1. (EN) ... at first i was naive to consider that. then i played naive, not sure what to do ... then i've noticed that i'ts honest & professional to admit this ... this opens for not-so-detached from reality approach, where once someone understands his or her lack, he or she can do something about this & utilize current situation to a maximum benefit of all.

  2. (EN) how would i configure AES? first i'd check law constraints. then i'd approach technical support from AES owners with attitude that i know that i know almost nothing, with a proper respect & least amount of stupidity as i can.