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A Space-Coordinated Stitie GRID.

Stitie Machines can form a vast GRID, and function on their own without Space's interference.

When neccessary, however, a Space-Coordinator Machine can fly to a point at a proper coordinates, 'Scan' for network topology at that location & communicate with chosen machines using a Machine-Coordinator interface ... with all security mechanisms as Certificates for example applying.

... what if machines move after scan? there can be a broadcast communication for handling that. replay attacks can be negated by using nonce (a value used once) as a part of encrypted transmission.

... i think there can be many Stitie Space Coordinator machines cooperating or even competing for resources.

Which Machines obey which Coordinator is matter of a proper 'Negotiation', Programming Strategies & Certificates as well.

There's a risk of a brute-force Certificate forging, one of possible threats ... as well as a Machine-Lockdown / DoS attacks.

... i'll leave these issues to the end-user Programmers, however ... after letting them know about.

See also, if You wish or need, ... :
- Stitie Machine 1.1 'Sunsail',
- Stitie Machine 1.2 'Satellite'.

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