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Stitie Machine's Communication Shortcuts.

In a Single Computer System.

This can be done in one of the two ways:
- we can have an Object with references to other Stitie Machines that can be put in the State - this is the most simplistic way.
- we can modify Stitie Machine's Router to keep a data structure with references to Stitie Machines, accessible with a proper Certificate Privileges - this is a design-level solution, better way, i think.

In a GRID.

Same as above, just with references replaced by the network connections, perhaps via dedicated wires or via other ways.

Moving Machines & LightPoint Objects.

In the case of when we wish to keep the reference to a LightPoint Object rather than to Stitie Machine, we can have a reverse-shortcut-communication & notify the Router of the coordinate changes - before & after moving the LightPoint object. In case of movement failure - for example due to privileges lack, it's up to notified Router to decide whether to keep old coordinates or to remove the 'reference' to it.

We might consider moving the same or newly-created the Stitie Machine as well, updating all of the neccessary coordinates & references as well.

There should be 'autowiring' method in the Router or in the Stitie Space, allowing it to connect with other nearby Stitie Machines as neccessity arises as well.

Stitie Space & Stitie Machines should be aware of 'potential machine' coords as well as of 'present machine' coords as well, with Stitie Machines querying Stitie Space if neccessary.

'potential machine' coords - is point where a stitie machine might be present but is not.

'present machine' coords - is point where a stitie machine is present already.

Moveable Stitie Machines should be Stitie Space Aware (in a way at least) & notify Stitie Space after movement ... either by link to it, or with an encrypted broadcast,

Movement method should be smart in case of physical machines moving through space ... not only moving toward the center of coordinates, but also including collision-avoidance.

Part of movement, there should be option to reserve 'destination coordinates' for a given machine to move in, perhaps 'corridor' to it as well.

To manage a large numbers of machines, task coordinator machines & subtask coordinator machines should be used, ... - in a proper amount. These should act as intermediaries between 'leaf-node' machines & a Stitie Space.

'Corridor', as well as as 'destination point' reservation should occur in a 'Coordinator' machine, not in the Stitie Space itself. Coordinator machine can contain Stitie Space in itself, however.

See also, if You wish or need, ... : Stitie Machine 1.1 'Sunsail', Stitie Machine 1.2 'Satellite'.

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