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Decision Filters.


There are very many ways of modelling decision-making process using computers.

Decision filters are one of these.

Weighted Precondition Sets.

We can have a set of tuples (there's tool called Linda, also known as a Tuple Space).

Each of tuples in this a set consists of: (precondition, score).

WPS is connected with precondition producers, as well as with postcondition receivers.

When a producer decides that a precondition is met, this tuple is added to a set.

When score values in a set reaches or exceed a threshold value, the set is completed - completion event fires & chosen tuples (postcondition receiver decides which tuples to take, it takes as little as possible as well) are transferred to a postcondition receiver node. When all required postcondition tuples reach a receiver or a receiver/producer, decision is made. This decision might be to produce another precondition or something else as well.

Data flows in one direction only, in this model.

Decision Filters.

By designing & connecting producers, WPS-es & receivers properly, we can model decision making in a way.

For example, we can model a part of computer game decision filter that way:

We can react if we have enough forces & when we have enough of warning signals, in a proper way.

Abstract Preconditions/Causes Collection.

WPS part can be abstracted, to include other ways of handling preconditions or causes.

For example:
- whether producer can remove a tuple when it's no longer valid or not,
- whether there's a score part at all in a precondition tuple,
- whether a tuple contains additional payload data,
- what are abstract preconditions collection completion requirements,
- probably more options as well.

Other parts (producers, receivers) can be abstracted as well.

See also, if You wish or need, ... : Causes & Conditions.

(to be continued, probably).

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  1. (EN) if we use Stitie Space to model a Decision Filter graph, MATEN functionality can be used as a part of manual or automatic management. we can invoke differing forms of decision graph to change focus from security to speed, or to do something else.