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Neural Networks.

Artificial Neural Networks, also called Neural Networks are field of an Artificial Intelligence Research, used in Computer Sciences & many other Sciences.

NN have practical uses, are universal approximantion system representing multi-dimensional data sets, have ability to learn & adapt to changing environment conditions, ability to abstract (generalize) acquired knowledge.

Living oganisms's nervous systems research are basis for systems theory & it's uses in practice.

There are models of a neuron cell with:
- input signal weighted addition - with a weighted synaptic importance; input signals stimulate neuron or reduce, how much depends on it's weight measure,
- an activation function.

As neurons activate, weight of it's synaptic signals increases as well, depending on a weight measure as well.

Neurons (cells, graph nodes) & Synapses (connections) can be used in brain modelling as well, even if it's a model of non-human, artificial machine brain with different design & properties.

Living beings' brain activity interacts both ways with a nervous system & spine, affecting muscles & more.

In machines, artificial synaptic-neuronal system called Artificial Brain can interact via electricity with external devices such as cameras, or more abstractly sensors or other electronic machines as engines & more, as well.

Certain aspects of NN Research caught my attention for now:
- Singal Flow Graphs,
- Initial & Modified Weighted Measures of Data Importance for AI's tasks,
- Networks that Adapt,
- Patterns Recognition,
- Neuronal Competition.

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