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The Linguistic Parser & AI.

... year or years ago i had insight, that i should (later in my life) write the 'linguistic parser'.

what is the 'linguistic parser', however?

it's parser that can analyze natural language, either with dictionary words written or spoken, images, films ... build & model data structures in memory more or less correctly.

'linguistic parser' should take both dictionary, meanings as well as the natural grammar in consideration.

... i imagine that both Statistics as well as Artificial Intelligence are useful with the 'linguistic parser' - i should study these as well.

Example: http://nlp.stanford.edu:8080/parser/.

i also read that in about three decades Artificial Intelligence will reach or go past the point of human brain's capacity - it's both exciting as well as terrifying possibility.

with properly modelled data structures, AI can process & act on these, to fulfill it's goals.

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