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Stitie Space, Form & Emptiness.

'Stitie Space' is a 3D Objects Matrix data structure, has certain unique 'convenience methods' that allow for a 'fine manipulation of objects' in 'computer memory', a space to be filled with numbers in itself, perhaps ...

Stitie Space is non-infinite, bounded Space that has convenience method to invoke Forms within.

Using MATEN functionality, a Certain Form Invocation, we can invoke Empty or
Non-Empty Forms within Stitie Space.

Using MATEN or Prism functionalities Forms in Space can change with time, we can have 'animation of objects' as well.

Stitie Space can use recursion, each of it's inner coordinates can contain 'Inner Space' as well - we can use GRID Computing for that as well, for example.

While Stitie Space 1.1 'Sunsail' has stationary machines at given coordinates, with Stitie Space 1.2 'Satellite' it's possible to move machines within, use gaps in space (without machines at coordinates), there's an option of long-range communication between machines as well.

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