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Reasons behind 'Ola AH' Programming Language.

High-level Programming Languages allow for thinking abstractly - on a high level of abstraction - about solutions for problems to be solved by computers.

Mere library with extra semantics (meaning, use cases) for a language is often not enough, because elegant syntax (grammar, keywords) allows for simpler thinking, for acquiring paradigms (ways of perceiving & thinking), for acquiring idioms (good practices), for easier understanding of complex tricks & their use, for easier & faster coding.

With fewer lines of code there's less errors, programs are written, understood & maitained faster.

When reality changes, companies have to adapt & rewrite software quickly - preferably before competition releases their own competing products or services - high level programming languages are tools that give companies this advantage.

'Ola AH' Programming Language is fairly general-purpose language, but has found it's niches as well.

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