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Qabbalistic Golem, Israeli & India's Markets & My Technology.

What is Golem?

Is it fantasy-games-idea only?

i think it comes from Israeli Kabbalah, from Ancient Judaism Lore.

Golem is about animated machine, about 'living machine'.

While robots are not living as of yet, there are works on 'artificial life' as well.

i think robots & drone armies can still be seen as Golem Project Manifestation, from a certain perspective at least - even if it's not the whole Truth.

This blog's author wishes to study Qabbalah, Hermetic version of Kabbalah - more of Magick than Judaism, but still close & related, i think.

i plan to participate in the Golem Project realization with Artificial-Intelligence-controlled NEMS nanite swarms.

i wish to include Qabbalistic ideas so Israelites & rest of the World can understand, believe & absorb these lessons easier.

Not only Buddhist Ideas, but also Israeli, Hindu, Christian, Wiccan, Qabbalistic & other should inspire Dragonfly Algorithm technologies.

It's not only an attempt to enter the Rich, Influential & Resillent Israeli Markets - it's also fight for ideas i support, including Protection from Terror, including fight for Israeli-Palestinian Peace.

i wish to give Israeli People significiant discount on my technologies anyway, as a gesture of goodwill & support.

India's Markets & people are also important for us.

Even if it's not me who decides - i am creating these technologies for others - perhaps my vote still counts.

See also, if You wish: Practical Kabbalah: The Golem.

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