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Dangerous Trade.

Will i trade Dragonfly Algorithm technologies?

No, i do not write it for myself.

But perhaps my voice still counts in this respect.

i write this Technology for a Buddhist woman i Love, and i know which - and for Lama Ole Nydahl.

My opinion & voice is that Lama Ole Nydahl & HH Buddha Karmapa 17th Trinley Thaye Dorje should decide about potential sales, including prices & other benefits.

Dragonfly Algorithm technologies are potentially dangerous & powerful.

NEMS nanites controlled by Artificial Intelligence can pass through matter, potentially can fly in the electromagnetic field, enter fighter plane's fuel tank and release chemicals causing explosion - without giving much chance. At least in theory. There's much more, but this is one of the eye-openers. ;)

i am not ready to decide if and whom to sell, and when, and for what price.

if i had to decide whom to sell, i would be very cautious and not sell to anyone but offer for a Buddhist Woman i Love & for Lama Ole Nydahl, rewarding those who helped me as well - without precising details.

But probably this is too cautious & unwise.

i still try to be responsible, and not too bold.

Better to be cautious than sorry, even better to trust Wiser.

See also, if You wish: NAITR, Gratitude & Thanks.

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