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3D Fractals, Animations, Stitie Space & Recursion.

What are Fractals?

Artificially created fractals commonly exhibit similar patterns at increasingly small scales.

It is also known as expanding symmetry or evolving symmetry.

If the replication is exactly the same at every scale, it is called a self-similar pattern.

Source: Fractal on Wikipedia.

Stitie Space.

Stitie Space is 3D Objects Matrix / 3D Objects Array /, with convenience methods for manipulating objects within.

These objects can communicate, send messages as designed.

Let's note that resulting Objects Graph is a model of a program, can be run.

Stitie Space Recursion.

Within each of 3D Coordinate points in Stitie Space, a 'machine' can be put.

Within this machine - object can be run.

Within this object, Stitie Space can be recursively created.

Any of mono-coloured 3D Art can be a Fractal that way.

Each of voxels that are non-empty can contain exactly similar Stitie Space as the Stitie Space it is contained within.

That way, Stitie Space's state repeats itself in each of these non-empty voxels.

Similarly, n-colour Art can be a fractal when:
- for each colour, a different Art is used in it's subspace, Art that at a certain scale is visualized as a voxel of that color,
- every of Arts uses all of n colours.

Mindful Imaging.

Part of Stitie Space's functionality is Mindful Imaging.

It's a subsystem that can visualize - for example on a monitor's screen - inner state of Stitie Space.

There's planned 'zoom-in' functionality for Mindful Imaging, as well as 'Marching Cubes Algorithm' use, as well as ability to visualize machines & contained objects in any way.

Mindful Imaging should allow for animations being displayed, zoomed at any level - fractal animations & more.

Side Effects.

Object graphs within Stitie Space can not only be visualized, can also be run.

Running program has side effects as exchanging input/output data to devices connected to a computer.

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