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'Ola AH' Programming Language: Data Types.

(page in making).

Data Types in 'Ola AH' Programming Language can be:
- constants,
- enumerations,
- primitive variables,
- object variables,
- collection variables,
- variables of a 'var' type that abstracts over primitives, objects & collections.

A note:

Why there are decimal (BCD-notation-based) datatypes in 'Ola AH' Programming Language?

Let's remember that 'Ola AH' will allow both for high-level as well as for low-level programming approaches as a part of the design.

BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) notation is easy to read, and still supported by processor & assembler instructions.

More than that, i plan to use BigDecimal datatype with a Fractional datatype - there will be option to 'convert' a Fractional number to BigDecimal number very precisely (with the fraction part), and still have human-readable value.

This will have applications both with High-Level, as well as with Low-Level approach.

BigDecimal numbers will be 'convertible' to arrays of numbers written in the BCD notation, for the convenience of low-level programmers.

Fractional numbers are numbers represented as a serie of fractions, where nominators and denominators are BigInteger numbers.

There will be option to 'fold' the serie (sum) into a single fraction, or 'unfold' a fraction into a serie (sum) of 'smaller' fractions.

Fractional numbers will be as precise as we want, and will 'reform' themselves into a simple form after every arithmetic operation - using 'fold', 'simplify' & 'unfold' operations.

This is expensive processor-time- & memory- wise, but very simple & precise.

When we'll want to convert a Fractional number into a BigDecimal, precision loss associated is reduced to only one operation - this is good news, i think.

For an 'unfold' operation hint, see if You wish or need: Factor Prime.

(We factor nominator with 'limit' equal to nominator, then split it into a serie. Then we try dividing each of fractions of the serie by prime numbers used in nominator to simplify equation).

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