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Projects' State [27.03.2016].

... currently, there are some concerns regarding projects' state:

1. Regarding 'Ola AH' Programming Language development.

after a short prototyping foray into language creation, we assume position of developing semantics of 'Ola AH' instead of prematurely working on interpreter.

interpreter creation is scheduled for 2017, anyway.

2. Regarding a use of a High-Abstraction-Level Programming Language that is Java for nanotech.

there are things to consider as well:
- it's only prototyping/experiments stage so far, easier done on high-level ... later code will migrate to low-level solutions. sooner or later miniaturization & related technologies should allow for programming NEMS nano-devices, i think. it's a matter of time before NEMS device driver will happen, perhaps even in this life.
- there are other scales, not only very small robots ... which use Java, even now.

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