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Stitie Machine (Maszyna Stanikowa Wysockiego)

Finite State Objects (FSOs) are Finite State Automatons implemented as objects (variables represent state, methods represent transitions. transitions can have side effects).

FSOs can be arranged in 3D space (FSOs are nodes in graph, connected horizontally, vertically and diagonally. I call such arrangement Stitie Cube - see illustration next to this paragraph.).

Stitie Machine is Finite State Object with ability to route command chain along unambiguously defined and precisely formed route(s) in 3D Space connected exactly like in the Stitie Cube.

Stitie Space is a recurrential definition : Stitie Space can consist of any number of nodes (FSOs), as long as they are connected horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

'Stitie Space' is 3D Object Matrix.

'Stitie Space' above this paragraph has resolution of 4x4x4, because it consists of 4x4x4 Nodes.

it has 3x3x3 Stitie Cubes.

* spheres represent nodes, in which state & code (strategy) can be stored & executed,
* lines represent bi-directional arrows, show how state & strategies can flow between nodes.

How this graph (three-dimensional matrix) of objects can be manipulated using 3D Art mathematics? Just understand that object's state can be represented as chain of 0's and 1's (Serialized to binary number). So can be color represented as number too. It's easy to see now that objects can be pixels with their state represented as color. And we can have animation of objects.

This is in-memory model of Virtual Machine, and if we have in memory model i am sure that it can be implemented on hardware level or/and in network (for example: Webservices as nodes and internet links as connections). Later i will write why i called it Virtual Machine.

See also, if You wish: Finite State Automatons and Regular Expression Basics, Stitie Machine 1.1 'Sunsail', Stitie Machine 1.0 'Core', Virtual Machine, Agile Transformation of Information State.


  1. Internet connections can be asynchronous.

  2. End state might be unreachable in Finite State Object.

  3. when i think about state, machine... somehow i think about sexy states of mind. i had to share.

  4. Should i call Command Routing part of Stitie Machine a 'Kyton Mechanism'?


  5. 'Kyton Mechanism' is also 'Devillish Object Control Mechanism', because command routing part also includes 'setting state' & 'code execution' as part of routing process.

  6. 'Kyton Chains' are not easily broken, i think...