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Distributed Transmission

Any number (note that any object's state can be represented as number) can be written as series, sum of prime number multiplications (See Factor Prime post). Serie can be transformed (compressed, reduced), then each of prime numbers and operations can be numbered, quantified, and sent via different channels (routes), then joined at the destination.

This way large number (or object) can arrive at destination more securely and quicker. In case of channel (for example internet connection between two computers) being sniffed (overheard by hacker), the sniffer does not have complete information. It is quicker because data is compressed, and each part trasmitted concurrently via separate channel.

Code can also be transmitted, just like any other information, executable or not. (We can generate intermediate code or use available notation, for example java .class files, transmit, then parse it at destination. We can use reflection to generate objects dynamically).

Implementation of Distributed Transmission will be available in this blog later on.

See also: Splitting and Joining Information Flow.

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